Dear Sirs,

SERVINDUS – Maintenance of Industrial Machinery and Equipment, Inc.

Our mission is providing to the market, both national and international, a valid technical support and capacity to meet all the needs of our customers in the area of maintenance of industrial machinery and equipment.

Our offer is based on the extensive proven experience of our staff in different areas of the Iberian market and African, in our Engineering / Project services, a wide range of options on supplying machinery and industrial equipment, through national and international agreements, representation for the IBERIAN market and PALOP ´ S and, in addition, the supply of skilled labour and means according to the type of intervention, location and temporal, to perform in the most diverse areas such as:

- Engineering/Project

- Technical surveys (mechanical, electrical, civil, etc.)

- Waters (water supply networks and drinking water treatment systems)

- Energy (production, distribution and consumption)

- Renewable Energies – PowerRen

- Equipment Parks (maintenance management)

- Water equipment and tanks.

- Industrial equipment (hydraulic, Pneumatic, electrical, etc.)

- Industrial fittings (hydraulic, Pneumatic, electrical, etc.)

- Equipment automation

- Metal Structures

- Equipment Parks (maintenance management)

- Officinal formulae of Automotive Repair and inspection centres

- Smart car parks

- Food and hospitality equipment

- Generators, lighting Towers, water pumps Groups

- Pumping groups (Pressurization and elevation)

Thus, we are able to develop a set of immediate actions, highlighting, Water Equipment (Hydraulic Rams, water wheels, windmills, pumps AFRIDEV and VOLANTA, pico and mini Hydro), Generators, lighting Towers, water pumps Groups.

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